bsam yas gtsug lag khang

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the temple of Samye [in the 8th century by king khri srong lde btsan, the great khenpo Shantarakshita, and the master Padmasambhava established temple. outside the temple bkod par Mount MEru, the four continents, the subcontinents, and the sun and moon mtshon byed tshang ba'i India's ao tanta pu ri'i gtsug lag khang la dpe byas, the lower building and its deities bzo dbyibs is Tibetan style and, the middle bar thog gi khang pa and its deities bzo dbyibs is Chinese style, the upper building with its deities bzo dbyibs is Indian style, an especially excellent bzo dbyibs. The paintings inside also dmangs khrod kyi lha sgrung nang bshad pa ltar gyi painting yod, lo rgyus thog gtsug lag khang 'dir me skyon thengs 'ga' byung yang tshang ma nyams gso byas, in the eleventh century dus sked du, after Khams and Amdo split the remaining monks returned to Tibet. The gtsug lag khang 'dir 'dus pas gradually became a Nyingma monestary gtso che ba] [IW]

the temple of Samye [IW]