bslad pa

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corrupt, pollute, spoil, alloy with base metals, contaminated, to become involved in, to be defiled by, to be conditioned by , tainted by [JV]

tainted; ft. of slod pa; defective; pf. of slod pa; contaminated [RY]

influenced; x mu stegs byed dam de dang rjes mthun pa'i log ta can du skyes na rang rgyud log ltas bslad pas chos byed du mi khoms those born as Tirthikas or with similar wrong views have no opportunity to practise the Dharma because their minds are so influenced by those mistaken beliefs [RY]

slad pa to be corrupted/ contaminated/ adulterated/ tainted/ sullied; isc. distorted [RB]

contaminated [f p slod pa] [IW]