bya ba'i rgyud

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kriya tantra [JV]

Kriya Tantra; Action Tantra; Kriya tantra/ tantra of action; Kriya tantra; ex. six activities of Kriya tantra bya ba drug [RY]

kriya tantra, action tantra [IW]

kriyatantra/ tantra of action [RB]

kriya tantra [among the rgyud sde bzhi, external tantra chiefly involving external actions of washing and cleanliness etc., bsam gtan phyi ma'i rgyud, Kriya tantra see six activities of kriya tantra bya ba drug vol 1, p 000] [IW]

kriya tantra, action tantra [so called because it mainly is practiced by external activities of washing and purification] [IW]