byin rlabs

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blessing, consecration (with reference to objects, [IW]

blessing, consecration [with reference to objects; blessing, [adhishthana]; blessing, consecration [with reference to objects, inspiration, energy. transmission, blessing. a blessing/ benediction; blessings; consecration [RY]

blessing(s); consecration [RB]

adhisthana, sustaining power, blessing, spiritual sustenance, operation of buddhahood, grace, consecrate, self-authentication, 4 kinds (bden pa, gtong ba, nye bar zhi ba, shes rab), transmission of blessing, stream of energy, stream of empowering energy, flowing blessings, potentiality, spiritual energy, empowering flow, blessings, blessing power, empowering energy [JV]

Blessing or power. The syllable byin means the power to change the mind. rlabs means to give or change. Hence byin rlabs are the power to transform our minds. DKC