bzhad gad

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laugh out, laughter, jest, joke, smile, laughter, 1 of zlos gar, comic representations, laughing [JV]

laugh joke [IW]

laughter [RY]

MG: = bzhad mo, laughter (h), va. -- bzhad to laugh (h), vi. ---shor to burst out laughing. 2) CM: gad mo, laughter. bzhad gad shor ba, to burst out laughing. bzhad gad chen po, great laughter/"very funny"(?). ming gi rnam grangs ku re dang/ kun nas rgod. synonyms: joking/jesting/laughter (ku re) and wildly/utterly funny. ga cha rgod (to laugh involuntarily). dag mo 'byin. bde 'byung. bar mar bzhag. yid rgod. g.yer bag. rol rtsod bcas so. [mss] [RY]