bzlog pa

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deter dge ba las bzlog pa'i las la brtson pa exertion in actions which deter one from virtue [RY]

see also bzlog pa bgyi ba. (RWB)

converse [RY]

exclusion [ggd] [RY]

pf. of zlog pa; to exorcise; to block, refutation, turning back; ft. of zlog pa [RY]

practices for preventing harmful spirits [RY]

to change [someone's mind] gal te rang gi nus pas ma dad pa dang smod pa sogs bzlog nus na if you are capable of changing the attitude of anyone who has no faith in him or who disparages him [RY]

to overcome [RY]

turn away from, avert, hindrances, to be contrary to, the reverse of, converse of, to send away negative energies [JV]

zlog pa to negate/ refute/ reverse/ turn back/ avert; to subvert/ undermine; to come back (to); to revert; to (be) invalidate(d); to be found to be invalid; to turn away (from) [RB]

1) blocked, refuted, turned back, exorcised [p f zlog pa; 2) [arch] gshin pa dead person? [IW]