cha mthun

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aids prospects [JV]

having similar parts, aspects conducive to, =, same, semi-, consequence of a deed, associated w, conducive to [IW]

1) aspects conducive to. 2) equal, same. 3) semi - to accord with (the aspect of). to be analogous to [RY]

precursor DKC


cha mthun refers to a state that precedes or leads to another state. Wangchuk Dorje describes it as meaning that it is directed towards the arising of something. Often it refers to the path of accumulation (thar pa cha mthun; precursor to liberation) or the path of joining (nges 'byed cha mthun; precursor to insight), but it can also refer to the states of pure defiled dhyana (nyams pa'i cha mthun, khyad par cha mthun, gnas pa'i cha mthu, and nges 'byed cha mthun). (cf. Vasubandhu's Treasury of Abhidharma, XIII, verse 17.)

Conducive is thus in some respects a good translation, but it is an adjective, while cha mthun is mostly used as a noun. "Aspects conducive to" is a rather literal translation of both parts of the Tibetan compound, but it seems a bit too literal and awkward. For these reasons, precursor seems the best translation. DKC