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1) shortage, deficit, omission, absence. 2) penalty, fine. 3) vi. to be short, to lack, run out. 4) vi. to be cut off, broken off, to stop, cease, break, break in half, snap, fall apart, destruction, be interrupted. 5) vi. to run of 6. vi. to lose record of, lose the tradition of. 6) cessation, annihilationist views. 7) nihilism [in philosophical context of rtag chad,]. 8) promise, engagement, agreement; end; issue forth; nihilism /stop, cut, cease; nihilism [in philosophical context of rtag chad,]; open; separate from. To be absent [RY]

snapped; x chad nas kho rang gi steng du lhung bas bsad pa yin [The rope suddenly] snapped, [the sack] fell on the man and he was killed [RY]

nihilism, eternalism a parte post, punish, promise, born, cut, explain, dissolve, cut off, SA 'chad pa, agreement, omissions, miss, time, special promise, engagement, punishment, cut into pieces, SA 'chad pa, to be short of, to be missing an amount, to stop raining or snowing [JV]

1) omission[s], shortage, deficit; 2) penalty, fine; 3) cessation, cease[d]; 4) nihilism; 5) promise agreement, engagement; 6) be short, lack; 7) run out [of], be cut/ broken off, stop, be interrupted; 8) break [in half], snap, fall apart, be destroyed; 9) lose record/ tradition of [IW]