chos kyi nyi ma

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chokyi nyima [9th pan chen aer te ni b in the 5th water sheep yr in dvags po, in the earth mouse year by command of emperor kvang zhus gser bum dkrugs, recognized and, in the water dragon year gdan sa'i khri thog tu gdan 'dren zhus, in the 15th wood dragon year, English btsan 'dzul dmag to Lhasa 'byor ba'i following year, the wood snake went to India, in the fire horse gtsang du 'khor, in the water pig byang thang brgyud Peking &, then byang shar dang, nang sog nan cin, hang kro'u, mtso sngon etc. mes rgyal nang khul gyi sa gnas khag mang du want and taught, in the 16th fire ox in mtso sngon Province skye dgu mdor he died (1883-1937)...(1888...),...(1892...),... (1905)...),...1923...1925...1937 OR son of Ugyen Tulku in Khatmandu] [IW]

chokyi nyima [IW]

- name of the present 4th Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche (b.1995), for more see The Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoches