chu bo bzhi

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Brahmaputra River (and Sarania Hills)
Ganges River
Yamuna River, at the Sacred location of Vrindavan
Indus River flowing from northwest Tibet toward Jammu and Kashmir.

1) four great rivers; 2) four currents; 3) birth old age, sickness and death [IW]

1) the Four Great Rivers [flowing in the four directions from Mt. Kailash], Brahmaputra, Ganges, Yamuna, Indus. 2) Four Currents, four pools are: 'dod pa or, desire. srid pa or, existence. ma rig pa or, ignorance. log par lta ba or, wrong views. (RY)

4 floods ('dod pa la 'dod chags pa, srid pa'i 'dod chags pa, ma rig pa, lta ba ngan pa). (JV)

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