cong zhi

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certain stone used in rejuvenation practice [RY]

calcite which is the essence of minerals, soapstone, pumice stone, alabaster, soma plant useful in diarrhea & phlegm & fever, type of calcite which stops diarrhea and eliminates bad kan disturbances [JV]

cong zhi med. mineral [IW]

cong zhi med. mineral [sweet, essence heating, rus chag gso, mkhal nad dang skrangs pa sel, ro tsa, sha mdangs rgyas, bad kan smug po 'joms syn gcong nad gcig thub dang, rdo bcud, rdo'i da byid, rdo'i dvangs ma, rdo'i tsil bu, tsil bu dar ya kan, mtsan mo'i 'od can, zla ba'i bu, rus pa'i gsos, srid pa'i khams, srid pa'i byang sems, lha bu'i khams] [IW]

calcium carbonate, calcite, aragonite. A Tibetan medicinal form of calcium carbonate which is found in the minerals calcite and aragonite, often within limestone, generally used for gastrointestinal purposes and phlegmatic (bad kan) related problems (such as acid reflux). [Erick Tsiknopoulos]