dbye ba

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1) [f 'byed pa] differentiate, subdivide, classify, discriminate, distinguish, divide into categories, classify, open, disclose; 2) classification, [sub]division, bias, opening, distinction, difference, part[ing], partition, section, class, species [IW]

(arbitrary) division/ distinction; to divide/ analyze/ classify/ differentiate [RB]

'byed pa / phyes pa / phyed pa/ dbye ba to differentiate/ distinguish/ analyze/ divide; analysis/ differentiation; isc. to distil [RB]

classify; division, classification, to classify; ft. of 'byed pa; classification, subdivision, division, bias, opening, distinction, part, parting, partition, section, class, species [RY]

differentiation, schools, divisions, distinguish, classification, contrast, distinction, anything made distinct or classified, SA 'byed pa, kind, class, species, plain, expanse, extent [JV]

types, particular kinds [RY]