dge ba'i bshes dang dge grogs bsten pa yis

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From Longchenpa's sems nyid ngal gso:

sems nyid ngal gso las
dge ba'i bshes dang dge grogs bsten pa yis/
/dge tshogs 'phel zhing 'bras bu bde ba 'thob/
/srid na mi 'jigs phan bde dpag med cing/
/'gro ba'i don gnyis 'byor pa mtha' yas 'grub/
/'di ni rnam 'dren rgyal ba'i sprul pa ste/
/snyigs ma'i dus su de ltar snang ba yin/
/de las ji srid byang chub snying po' bar/
/skye bo dam pa rnams la brten par bya/

Great Perfection: Resting in the Nature of Mind states:

By following spiritual teachers and virtuous companions,
The accumulation of virtue will grow and pleasant results will be attained.
There will be no fear in existence, but infinite benefit and happiness,
And the attainment of the boundless wealth of the two-fold benefit of beings.
These guides of ours are emanations of the Victorious One,
Appearing as they do in these degenerate times.
Therefore, we should follow such sacred beings
For as long as we have not attained the essence of enlightenment.CJD