dkar po

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kind bsam pa dkar po gyis have kind thoughts! [RY]

positive [RB]

white, positive qualities, friday, venus, 1 of 27 coincidences in astrology, SA sbyor ba nyer bdun, pure, fair, qualification, talent, enlightenment, wise, silver, dub grass, learned man, purity [JV]

1) cattle's hon nad med; 2) among the sbyor ba nyer bdun; 3) (the 3rd year of the rabjung female earth snake year, Shukla; 4) Venus; 5) white; 6) virtuous, good, true, kind w/o evil [deeds] positive, wholesome, pure; 7) light, bright; 8) sincere, wise, talented; 9) silver, moonlight ? [IW]

white, pure. cheerful; 1) white. 2) virtuous. 3) positive. 4) good. 5) wholesome. 6) pure. 7) light. 8) bright. 9) sincere. 10) Shukla. [the 3rd year. Female Earth Snake]. of the 60 yr. cycle. 11) wise talented. 12) silver. 13) moonlight. 14) the planet Venus [RY]