dmag zor

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army repelling malign sorcery torma [IW]

1) Pāravatī, the Military Sorceress, a wrathful form of Pelden Lhamo dpal ldan lha mo (Skt. Śrī Devī). This particular form is the main protector of the Dalai Lamas. Her name, dMag-zor in Tibetan, Pāravatī in Sanskrit, means 'Military Sorceress', and indicates offensive and defensive magic. She is also known as 'Queen Pāravatī' or 'Military Sorceress Queen' (Tib. dmag zor rgyal mo, Skt. Śrīmatī Pāravatī); 2) military sorcery, offensive and defensive magic, wizardry related to combat or battle [Erick Tsiknopoulos]