dngos gzhi

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actual occurrence level, main part/ body / practice, "the actual basis" the actua[ity], principal, actual regular, normal [IW]

1) main part, main body, "the actual basis", principal section, 2) actual, actuality, 3) main part (of a practice), main body (of practice/ empowerment); main practice; principal practice, actual practice [RY]

main body (of practice/ empowerment); the actual (state of) . . . ; actual support; isc. substantial basis [RB]

original/ real las goal/ purpose / main part, official [IW]

substance, main instructions, principal practice, concrete foundation, subject matter of treatise, basic pattern, actual situation, actual ceremony, what actually is involved, actual, basis of a thing, thing itself, really, principal practice, principal section, main body of a text, main practice, central phase, heart, main part [JV]