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1) sentence ending particle [used after the final 'd']. 2) match, counterpart, equal, island two, a pair, a couple [RY]

pair, couple, this island, figure 131, sentence-ending particle [JV]

1) a pair, a couple 2; 2) Kha sdeb,...Dga' mgu che ba nor bu rnyed pas do ma yin,...'Dzam gling yongs la do med pa; 3) terminative after DA; 3) prefix particle 1 Don gyi ngo bo gang yang mi ston pa'i tshig grogs shig ...Do snyoms pa two Nye ba'i don ston pa'i tshig grogs shig ...Do shi match, = counterpart, let's [las ka byed do: let's do the work], island, a load [IW]