don spyi

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abstract object [only established from the viewpoint of abstract thought, exaggerated aspect or simulacrum of the object appearing to the mind, eg, vase appearing to mental conception, among spyi] [IW]

abstract object, general concept/ notion/ idea, generic/ mental/ object image, meaning generality [IW]

visions, fictitious entity, external object, meaning-generality, generally, general meaning, generic image, mental image that arises in conceptual cognition, general idea [JV]

conceptual generality; abstract notion/ concept; generic object/ image [RB]

object universal [RY]

object-image, general concept/ notion, idea, generic image, mental image, meaning generality [def rang gi snang yul la 'khrul pa'i rig pa [IW]

object-universal [ggd] [RY]

conceptual generality; abstract concept; generic object/ image; object-image, mental image; generic image, meaning generality, mental image, - object-image, general concept, notion, idea, generic image, meaning generality. [def. rang gi snang yul la 'khrul pa'i rig pa. mental image [RY]