dpag tshad

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4000 fathoms (1 land mile)/ a league; Yojana [measure of distance], mile, a 'league', acc. to Abhidharma. def. rgyang grags brgyad la dpag tshad gcig 4000 fathoms, approximately 8 km. a distance measure equaling several miles, league. one mile; yojanas [RY]

mile, 4000 fathoms, geographical mile, league, league, yojana, maybe 9 or 4.5 miles [JV]

League, Yojana. Indian measure of distance equal of 16000 cubits, or about 4.5 miles (7.4 km); definitions differing by a factor of two are also given [RY]

pagtse, measure of distance [IW]

a league [RY]