dran pa nam mkha'

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8th cent [RY]

Drenpa Namkha; Tibetan translator and disciple of Padmasambhava [RY]

one of Padmasambhava's 25 disciples [RY]

Drenpa Namkha, a B�npo master who became one of Guru Padmasambhava's twenty-five main disciples [RY]

Drenpa Namkha. Tibetan translator and disciple of Padmasambhava, originally an influential B�npo priest. Later he studied with Padmasambhava and also learned translation. He is said to have tamed a wild yak simply by a threatening gesture. He offered numerous B�npo teachings to Padmasambhava who then concealed them as terma treasures. Drenpa Namkha means 'Space of Mindfulness.' [RY]