chos brgyad

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8 worldly affairs, 8 dharmas (chos dbyings rnam dag, rnam par mi rtog pa'i ye shes, de gnyis su med pa'i ting nge 'dzin, rnam rtog dang bcas pa'i ye shes, gzugs kyi bye brag tu snang ba bzhi), eight worldly concerns, eight concerns. [JV]

the eight worldly dharmas [RY]

the 8 (worldly dharmas [IW]

the 8 (worldly) dharmas [1 rnyed pa = gain; 2) ma rnyed pa = loss 4) snyan pa = disgrace 5) smad pa= slander 6) bstod pa = praise 7) bde ba = pleasure 8) sdug bsngal - pain the 8 worldly dharmas/ attributes rnyed dang mi rnyed - pleasure at gaining something and displeasure at not gaining the object of desire; 2) bde dang mi bde - happiness and sadness 3) bstod dang smad - praise and abused or degraded 4) snyan dang mi snyan - pleasing and unpleasing speech] [IW]