Four Sections of Tantra

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spyod pa - (alt.){spyod pa, spyad pa, spyad pa, spyod} 1) to engage in; enjoy; behave, carry out, conduct oneself; practice, act, enact, participate in, engage in, be involved with; to use; treat, deal with, to use, employ, apply, utilize; experience, undergo, enjoy, partake of; do, enjoy, experience, accomplish, perform, commit, 2) Skt Carya; conduct, behavior, action, activity, course, deeds,. 3) a practitioner; 4) application, practice, 5) lifestyle, 6) Syn {spyod pa'i rgyud} Carya. The second of the four sections of tantras according to the Sarma schools (gsar ma) [RY]

rgyud sde - Tantra Section. Tantric sections. 1) The four or six sections of tantras. 2) One of the two divisions of Mahayana. The Mahayoga tantras appeared in this world when revealed by Vajrasattva and the Lord of Secrets (Vajrapani) to King Jah, the ruler of Zahor, who was born 112 years after Buddha's nirvana. Some of the contemporary lineage holders were Uparaja, Kukuraja, Vimalakirti, and Jnanamitra. Subsequent masters were Shakputri, the regent and son of King Jah, King Jah's daughter Gomadevi, Singaraja, Lilavajra, Buddhaguhya and Vajrahasya. The following generation of lineage holders were Bhashita, Prabhahasti, and Padmasambhava, the latter of whom also received the tantras directly from King Jah [RY]

rgyud sde drug - Six tantra sections, six sections of Tantra. The three outer tantras of Kriya, Upa and Yoga and the three inner tantras of Maha, Anu and Ati. six classes of Vajrayana Tantras, six sections of tantra [RY]