g.yeng ba

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inattentive, wandering, absent-minded, disturbed, distractions, swing, waft, flow, agitate, move a thing softly to and fro, agitate the mind, turn off the attention, disturb the mind, diversion, pleasure, recreation, jest, joke, divert, wandering, straying, drifting, to be distracted [JV]

ft. of g.yeng ba; distraction, distracted; to be distracted; agitated, distraction, distracted, forgetting, carried away; g.yeng ba, g.yengs pa, g.yeng ba intr. v [RY]

distraction, inattention [RY]

afloat, adrift [RY]

1) distracted, disturbed, agitated, wavering, move to and fro, wander, be inattentive; 2) forget; 3) diversion [IW]

distraction [RY]