g.yo sgyu

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craft and deceit [RY]

deceit; hypocrisy, deception [RY]

deception, deceitfulness [RY]

deceptive ways and artifice / pretense [RY]

tricky, deceptive [IW]

hypocrisy, deception, deceit, cunning, guile [IW]

sinister, insidious, behave meanly, deceit, cunning ruse, craft, pretext, cunning, deceit [JV]

1) deceit and treachery, deceit and hypocrisy, deceit and pretense, deceit and guile, deceit and cunning; 2) treacherous deceit, treacherous hypocrisy, treacherous pretense, treacherous guile, treacherous cunning; 3) deceitful treachery, deceitful hypocrisy, deceitful pretense, deceitful guile, deceitful cunning; 4) hypocritical deceit, hypocritical treachery, hypocritical pretense, hypocritical guile, hypocritical cunning; 5) pretentious deceit, pretentious treachery, pretentious hypocrisy, pretentious guile, pretentious cunning; 6) cunning deceit, cunning treachery, cunning hypocrisy, cunning pretense, cunning guile. See its constituent elements, g.yo and sgyu. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]