gang zag gi bdag

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individual ego [IW]

the individual identity [RY]

self-identity [JV]

Individual self. The mistaken idea that there exists an 'I' which is an independent, singular and permanent entity [RY]

Self of the individual. 'individual self.' [RY]

individual self, the self of the person, personal self- [IW]

individual ego [gang zag rang rkya thub pa'i rdzas yod du grub pa] [IW]

personal identity, individual self, self of the individual personality; self of the person, personal self; holding to the ego or self. Def. by Jamgon Kongtrul: rtag gcig rang dbang can la sogs pa'i bdag go zhes gzung ba [RY]

personal identity; (self-)identity in/ of the individual personality [RB]

personal self, self of the person [thd]

self of the individual, self-identity [JV]