gnon pa

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(tha dad pa mnan pa, mnan pa, non,, press down, 'gul du mi 'jug pa suppress, oppress, overwhelm [IW]

gnon pa, mnan pa, mnan pa, non trans. v.; to suppress; press down, stamp on, oppress, subdue, repress, push down, overcome [RY]

to suppress [RB]

oppress, press, push down, compress, force down, subdue, suppress, keep down, quell [JV]

1) to subjugate, suppress, subdue, overcome, overwhelm, overpower, quell, oppress; 2) subjugation, suppression, subduing, overcoming, overwhelming, overpowering, quelling, oppression; 3) to press, press down, push or push down. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]