gnyug ma

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  • genuine, real, natural, original, fundamental, authentic, untouched, (not artificial),
  • primordial, fundamental, on-going, uninterrupted, perpetual, primordial,
  • innate, indiginous, continuously residing, (not visiting), intrinsic,
  • absolute, essential,

Comp with gnyug ma'i, gnyug ma'i ngang, gnyug ma'i don,

genuine (nature) [RB]

1) the way things are, the natural state; 2) primordial/ fundamental existence, genuine,real, authentic, innate, on-going, uninterrupted, perpetual, primordial, original, natural [state], continuously residing, innate genuine nature, original untouched nature [IW]

genuine, innate, on-going, 'uninterrupted', perpetual, primordial, original, natural, innate genuine nature, authentic, original untouched nature; natural, innate, "nija" Skt. 2) continuously residing, indigenous [RY]

real, genuine, unconceptualizable reality, natural, original, authentic, not artificial, innate, peculiar, absolute, essential, innate nature, innate, intrinsic, innate, natural state [JV]