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1) Abbr. of go ba. 2) Abbr. of go cha 3) numerical particle for the nineties. 4) place, room, space, See also go ma 'gag pa 5) comprehension [RY]

1) occasion, mtshams dang, gnas,...Snga phyi go ldog ...go mtshams med pa; 2) 90's particle; 3) terminative [IW]

hear, hear of, be told about, understand, comprehend, know about, realize, notice, take notice of understanding, intellectual grasp, understanding only w the intellect, theory, idea, meaning, theoretical understanding, armor, 90, place, room, space, comprehension [IW]

place, room, space, position, rank, condition of life, way, to hear, to understand, nineties particle, take it to be [JV]