go ba

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x mi go bar does not notice [RY]

discursive understanding, information, be told, hear of, hear, meaning, understand, perceive mentally, intellectual understanding, theory, take it to be, understanding [JV]

1) (Tha mi dad pa) ; 1) know, realize, understand; 2) hear, something heard; 3) power of mind, understanding[ing], hear [of], be told about, understand, comprehend, know about, realize, [take] notice [of], intellectual grasp, understanding [only with the intellect], theory, idea, meaning, theoretical understanding [IW]

go ba, go ba, go ba intr. v.; 1) vi. to hear, hear of, be told / about. 2) to understand, comprehend, know about, comprehend intellectually; to know only intellectually; realize. 3) to notice, take notice of. 4) understanding, intellectual grasp, understanding only with the intellect, theory, idea, meaning, theoretical understanding / comprehension. intellectual comprehension; intellectual understanding; mere intellectual knowledge [RY]

Intellectual understanding. First step of three: Understanding, experience, and realization [RY]

to comprehend intellectually; intellectual comprehension [RB]

1) (noun) intellectual grasp, intellectual capacity, conceptual grasp, conceptual capacity, discursive grasp, discursive capacity, theoretical grasp, theoretical capacity; 2) grasp, capacity; 3) understanding, comprehension; 4) intellectual understanding, conceptual understanding, discursive understanding, intellectual comprehension, conceptual comprehension, discursive comprehension, theoretical understanding, theoretical comprehension; 6) (verb) to intellectually grasp, theoretically grasp, conceptually grasp, discursively grasp, intellectually understand, theoretically understand, discursively understand, intellectually comprehend, theoretically comprehend, conceptually comprehend, discursively comprehend. 'Understanding' and 'comprehension' are already covered by other terms, so the translator may wish to explore other renderings. In colloquial Tibetan usage go ba can be similar to the colloquial English "get it/got it", in the sense of fundamentally grasping or conceptually apprehending the idea being communicated ("grocking"); 7) to hear, heard, what was heard. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]