go chod pa

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to be sufficient/ effective/ adequate [RB]

steady, useful [JV]

capable [of doing what needs to be done], able, handy effective, beneficial, efficacious, useful, be of use, effective, suffice as, serve the function of, substitute for, replace [IW]

can serve as, suffice [RY]

I) 1) capable, able, handy. 2), beneficial, efficacious, useful, effectual, sufficient, adequate. 3) vi. to be of use, to be effective, to suffice, to serve the function; to substitute / replace something. II) 1) capable, able, handy � kho mi go chod gcig 'dug, He is a capable person. 2) effective, efficacious, useful � thabs shes go chos shig, an effective method. 3) vi. to be of use, to be effective, to suffice, to serve the function, to substitute / replace something. � 'phrul 'khor 'dis bzo pa mang po'i go chod kyis yod pa red, This machine serves the function of many workers. � bod yig 'bri yas la smyug gu 'dis go chod kyi red, This pen will suffice for writing Tibetan. N.B. takes the agent in the third case rnam dbye gsum pa. III) 1) las don 'pher ba, to be able/capable of undertaking [something]/working. � gar btang go chod, 2) dod thub mkhan, one who acts as a substitute/equivalent. 3) dod thub pa, a substitute/equivalent; to act as a substitute/equivalent [RY]