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[p 'grub pa] accomplished, perfected, fulfilled, attain[ed], obtain[ed], achieve[d], be present, be existent, possess existence, be, prove, establish, confirm, form, become, be made, be created from, [finish, accomplish [fully], complete] [h] establishment, established existence [IW]

to have done ngas rang rgyal la phul grub I offered it to a Pratyekabuddha. (RY)

all. pf. of 'grub pa - 1) accomplished, perfected, fulfilled, attained, obtained. 2) to be present, existent, possessing existence, to be. 3) vi. proven, established. 4) to confirm, establish [an idea or fact]. 5) vi. to obtain, achieve, attain. 6) vi. to form, become, be made / created from. 7. vi. to finish, accomplish fully, complete (h). 8. n. establishment, established existence [RY]

affirmation, attainment, accomplish, make ready, SA 'grub pa, all, anything accomplished, anything done by itself without any agent, 1 of 28 astrological terms for harmony of influence in the destiny of a person, miraculous power, the "completed" auxiliary verb, to obtain, achieve [JV]