gsang snying gi dbang lnga

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Five Empowerments According to the Secret Nucleus. They are also known as the five empowerments of ability nus pa'i dbang lnga which are included among the fifteen ordinary sacraments of empowerment see below, namely, the empowerment of the listener nyan pa'i dbang which is that of Ratnasambhava, the empowerment of the meditator bsgom pa'i dbang which is that of Akshobhya, the empowerment of the expositor chad pa'i dbang which is that of Amitabha, the empowerment of enlightened activity phrin las kyi dbang which is that of Amoghasiddhi, and the empowerment of the king of indestructible reality rdo rje rgyal po'i dbang which is that of the five enlightened families. Refer to Longchenpa, phyogs bcu mun sel pp. 372-376. [GM] [RY]

five empowerments according to the Secret Nucleus [IW]