gsar rnying

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new and old, stale and fresh, age, duration, existence [JV]

Old and New Schools. New and Old Schools. The New Schools are Kagyu, Sakya, and Gelug. The Old School refers to Nyingma. Although there were no new or old schools in India, these names are given to the early and later spread of the teachings in Tibet. Translations from the 7th through the 9th centuries up to and including King Triral are called the Old School of Early Translations (snga 'gyur rnying ma), and later ones are known as the New Schools of Later Translations (phyi 'gyur gsar ma). Lochen Rinchen Sangpo (lo chen rin chen bzang po) is regarded as the first translator of the New Mantra School [RY]

new and old, stale and fresh, age [IW]

New and Old Schools, the Sarma and Nyingma Schools [RY]

New and old [schools], the sarma and nyingma schools] [IW]