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Jina, 'Conqueror'. Victorious One. Same as a buddha; one who has conquered over the four maras [RY]

1) (Tha mi dad pa attain victory, be victorious; 2) Victorious 1 [over maras/samsara], jina, conqueror, buddha; 2) Jaya 28th yr of rabjung, wood horse; 3) 24 [sangs rgyas nyer bzhi yod pas]; 4) of the waxing period 1st rgyal ba 3rd, 2nd 8th, 3rd 13th; waning: 18th, 23rd, 28th; 5) Dalai Lama [h] [IW]

Victorious One, Jina, conquerors, win, be victorious, conquer, subdue, overpower, number 24, act of conquering, victory, conquering party, he that prevails, most high, buddha, superior, eminent, excellent, victors [JV]

Victorious One. Same Buddha Shakyamuni [RY]

Victorious ones, jina. Same as buddhas [RY]

dgra las rgyal ba - to vanquish one's enemy [RY]

victor, victor over the four maras; victorious one; to win/ be victorious; Jina, the Victorious One, (Syn. Buddha); conqueror; 1) [jina], victorious one, victor, conqueror, all the victorious ones [in general], conqueror. an epithet for the buddhas who are - conquerors of samsara. victor over the four maras. 2) the Dalai Lama (h). 3) Jaya, [the 28'th year of rab byung Male Wood Horse]. Syn shing pho rta 4) Gyalwa, Jina. rgyal ba, rgyal ba, rgyal ba intr. v [RY]

victorious one; to win/ be victorious [RB]

Conqueror. jina, Buddha. Buddha [RY]