jo khang

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Syn gtug lag khang major shrine in Lhasa, now houses dowry of Chinese princess Wencheng Kungjo to Emperor of Tibet Songtsen Gampo. Jowo Temple. Jokhang, famous temple in Lhasa [RY]

Jowo/ Jokhang temple [IW]

Jowo Temple. The famous temple at Lhasa in which a precious image of Lord Buddha is kept. It is considered indispensable to see it when on pilgrimage to Lhasa [RY]

Jowo/ Jokhang temple [w statue of jo bo sh'akya mu ne, major shrine in lhasa, now houses dowry of chinese prince wencheng kungjo, wife of emperor songtsen gampo] [IW]

Jowo Temple of Lhasa, Jokhang, Rasa Trulnang [RY]