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1) throne/ platform where the chief individual sits; 2) base of a stupa between sa 'dzin and bang rim; 3) 10,000, myriad; 4) box; 5) seat, chair, couch, bench; 6) table; 7) bed; 8) platform, work scaffold [IW]

ten thousand, seat, chair, throne, couch, frame, myriad, pulpit, number, sawing jack, trestle, bedstead, stool, upper pedestal of buddhist votive tomb, 1 of 28 constellations, SA rgyu skar, throne, 10,000, wooden throne [JV]

1) ten thousand. 2) myriad. 3) throne. 4) box. 5) base of a stupa. 6) seat, chair, couch, bench 7) table; 10,000; colored/ multi-colored [RY]