khug pa

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to find, get, earn, draw, weigh, turning like a zig-zag, bending like a thread, cycle of breathing with inhalation, retention, & exhalation [JV]

to attract, draw (to oneself); khug pa, khugs pa, khug pa intr. v.; khugs pa, khug pa 1) Syn 'khul ba. 2) to accrue. 3) a curve, circle, round. 4) to obtain, to reach. to find, to twist, wind. 5) turn, turning like a zigzag. 6) duration of one respiration. 7) to fall asleep; ft. of khug pa [RY]

1. (Tha mi dad pa khugs pa, khug pa,, 1) be tamed/ overcome by/ steeped in/ subject to; 2) arose occur; 2) cycle [of breath] Phar rgyu tshur rgyu'i gug.Rma chu'i khug pa re re la, sde 'bum tsho re yi chags gnas yod,...round of, twist, curve, zigzag, circle, fall asleep, reach, find, accrue, turn, obtain [IW]