khyad par can

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extraordinary; unique, unequaled [RY]

exceptional [RY]

1) supreme, excellent, extraordinary, exceptional, superior, holy. 2) definite, genuine, unique, outstanding. 3) distinguishing, particular, specific, distinct, distinctive, different, special. 4) the four highest realms of form. Syn tshangs ris lnga [RY]

distinctive, distinguished, particular, special [thd]

special, specially good, superior, excellent, capital, supreme, holy, distinct, extraordinary, peculiar, singular, unique, extraordinary [JV]

particular, supreme, excellent, extraordinary definite, genuine, unique, outstanding, distinguishing, specific, distinct[ive], special, different, supreme, holy, excellent, superior, wonderful, the four highest realms of form, tshangs ris lnga [IW]

particular, distinctive, distinguished [RY]

extraordinary [RY]

1) distinctive, distinguished; 2) unique, special, extraordinary, exceptional, eminent, superior; 3) particular, specific. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]