kun nas dkris pa

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kun nas dkri ba to be deeply ensnared (by) [RB]

entanglement [IW]

activated state of emotivity [JV]

1) fetters, entanglement. Syn kun dkris, 2) to be deeply ensnared [RY]

Entangler DKC


The entanglers are near afflictions which ensare one into misdeed-ful action. There are eight: shamelessness (ngo tsha med pa), immodesty (khrel med), envy (phrag dog), stinginess (ser sna), agitation (rgod pa), regret ('gyod pa), torpor (rmugs pa), and sleep (gnyid). The Great Exposition School also posits that aggression (khro ba) and concealment ('chab pa) are entanglers.

This term is also translated as "entanglement," but this is not quite accurate because the entanglers are that which catches one, not the fact or situation of being caught. DKC