lan chags

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retribution (answer indebtedness), karmic debts due to past actions, payment [JV]

lan chags kyi mgron (guests who are) karmic creditors [RB]

karmic creditor; karmic credit/ retribution/ a debt; disaster caused by karmic retribution/ fate; misfortune, adversity, calamity, retribution [RY]

karmic debts incurred by [RY]

1) retribution gnod lan res 'khor gyi rgyun gnas pa; 2) misfortune, adversity, calamity; 3) door [IW]

Karmic debts, karmic credits, karmic retributions, residual debts/credits/retributions. Which English variation makes most sense depends largely on the context, and whether bu lon is also being used, but the term implies that something is owed to someone in a karmic (and hence 'residual') sense, usually due to having harmed or taken from them somehow in the past. The more general sense is "karmic debt", but both "karmic credit" and "karmic retribution" can also be fitting in some contexts. See also bu lon, "karmic obligations". [Erick Tsiknopoulos]