lha'i bu dge ba'i gshes gnyen bsten cing bkur sti byas pa na

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From gtsug na rin po ches zhus pa'i mdo:

lha'i bu dge ba'i gshes gnyen bsten cing bkur sti byas pa na thams cad du sangs rgyas kyi zhing dag pa mthong ba yin no/ /snying rje chen po'i ting nge 'dzin tam pa thob pa yin no/ /shes rab kyi pha rol du phyin pa dang mi 'bral ba yin no/ /sems can rnams yongs su smin pa 'grub pa yin no/ /re ba thams cad yongs su rdzogs pa thob pa yin ni/

The Sūtra Requested by Ratnacūda states:

Devaputra, when you follow and venerate a spiritual teacher, everything will be seen as a pure buddha realm, the sacred concentration of great compassion will be attained, you will never be apart from the perfection of knowledge, sentient beings will be thoroughly matured, and everything you hope for will be perfectly attained. CJD

The Sūtra Requested by Ratnachūda states:

Devaputra! If you rely on and venerate a virtuous spiritual teacher, you will come to see everything as an innately pure buddha-realm. You will come to attain the sacred absorption of great compassion. You will never be seperate from the Far-Reaching Perfection of Sublime Gnosis. You will come to accomplish the full ripening of all sentient beings. You will come to attain the utter fulfillment of all your hopes. [Erick Tsiknopoulos]