lhag ma

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mu stegs lhag ma rnams all the other tirthikas [RY]

1) <samgh'abashi shta> [among the ltung ba sde lnga]; 2) remainder, remnant, left-over, residual, excess, lacking) [IW]

1) residual, remaining, lacking; remainder, remnant, left-over, excess, left-overs, 2) remnants, thirteen major faults in monastic discipline [RY]

1) samgh'abashi shta [among the ltung ba sde lnga]; 2) remainder [offenses in the vinaya], remnant, left-over, residual, excess, lacking [IW]

leftovers and remainders; residual torma [RY]

remainder, the excess, remaining portion, leftovers, extra, surplus [JV]

remainder(s) [RB]