ma gtogs

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མ་གཏོགས unless [RY]

except, besides, only (-,if, when, until), unless, alone, merely, "unless" clause connective, "except for" clause connective [JV]

besides, except for, apart from (the previous mentioned); a part from that, apart from, except, besides, other than, unless, besides; except for (the previous mentioned) [RY]

except for [RY]

besides, other than, except for [RY]

unless, no one but [RY]

besides, apart from [RY]

. . . ma gtogs (pa) - except/ not counting/ other than . . . ; aside from . . . ; isc. not included in [RB]

apart from [that], except for, besides, other than, unless, besides, not belonging to, unless [IW]