ma mo

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female sheep, root, foundation, origin, medicinal plant, ewe that has brought forth a lamb, grandmother, kind of fearful demon, mamo spirits, ewe, 1 of sde brgyad, kind of wicked demon, class of feminine spirits [JV]

Matari. mamo, mother goddesses, mother deities. sky-traveling preta-demon/ a ewe who has given birth; Mother deities; Mamos, wrathful dakinis 2) grandmother [RY]

Mamo. Abbreviation of 'Mundane Mother Deities' ('jig rten ma mo). One of the Eight Sadhana Teachings. Female divinities manifested out of dharmadhatu but appearing in ways that correspond to mundane appearances through the interrelationship between the mundane world and the channels, winds, and essences within our body. They have both an ultimate and relative aspect. The chief figure in this mandala is Chemchok Heruka, the wrathful form of Buddha Samantabhadra in the form known as Ngondzok Gyalpo, the King of True Perfection. 2) A class of semi-divine beings who sometimes act as protectors of the Dharma [RY]

1) mother, grandmother; 2) ewe w lamb; 3) <m'atrika> diagram chos mngon pa; 4) kind of flesh-eating spirit/ demoness; 5) goddess M tar s GD mamo, mother goddess TSE (6) root foundation, origin (7) herb ma mo) [IW]

mother goddesses/deities/spirits (special class of female deities appearing with somewhat different function in different contexts; Skt: mātṛka) [Erick Tsiknopoulos]