sngags pa

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Mantrika, practitioner of tantra * exorcist, weatherman [applied] [IW]

Ngakpa, Mantrika. A practitioner of Vajrayana. tantrika. Tantric practitioners. A person who has received empowerment, continues the sadhana practice and keeps the commitments [RY]

a mantrika; tantrika, ngakpa, a practitioner of the Mantra community of ascetic, esoteric trainers, followers of tantra, a practitioner of the tantra. Syn yogis, tantric lay practitioner, sorcerer, exorcist, mantrin; Skt. mantrin - Ngakpa, a Mantrayana practitioner [RY]

one who practices mantra, praise, SA sngag pa, community of ascetic esoteric trainees, Tantrika, Ngagpa, practitioner of the Mantras, one who uses mantras [JV]