mdzad pa bcu gnyis

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12 deeds, 12 great deeds performed by gshen rab mi bo che [JV]

12 deeds of the supreme emanational body [IW]

12 deeds of the supreme emanational body [1 remaining in tusita, two descent and entry into the womb, three taking birth, four proficiency in the arts, five renouncing the world, six practising asceticism, 7 reaching the point of enlightenment, 8 vanquishing m ra's host, 9 attaining perfect enlightenment, 10 turning the doctrinal wheel, 11 passing into the final nirv a, and 12 teaching of the duration and decline of the doctrine various enumerations of the twelve are given cf longcenpa, treasury of the supreme vehicle, p 27) (gd-mk) [IW]

the 10 actions [sangs rgyas mchog gi sprul pa'i skus 'jig rten du mdzad pa bcu gnyis kyi tshul bstan pa ste, dga' ldan gnas nas 'pho ba dang, lhums su zhugs pa dang, sku bltams pa dang, gzhon nu'i rol rtsed dang, btsun mo'i 'khor gyis rol ba dang, rab tu byung ba dang, dka' ba spyad pa dang, byang chub snying por gshegs pa dang, bdud btul ba dang, mngon par rdzogs par sangs rgyas pa dang, chos kyi 'khor lo bskor ba dang, mya ngan las 'das pa ste mdzad pa'i tshul bcu gnyis so [IW]

the Twelve Deeds; [TRS 60-6]; Twelve Deeds of the Supreme Emanational Body. Remaining in Tushita, descent and entry into the womb, taking birth, proficiency in the arts. renouncing the world, practicing asceticism, reaching the point of enlightenment, vanquishing Mara's host, attaining perfect enlightenment, turning the doctrinal wheel, passing into the final nirvana, and teaching of the duration & decline of the doctrine. Various enumerations of the twelve are given. Cf. Longchenpa, Treasury of the Supreme Vehicle, p. 27. [ GM] [RY]

twelve deeds of the Buddhas; Twelve acts of Buddha Shakyamuni. According to NG 61: 1) Descending from Tushita Heaven, ('pho ba). 2) Entering the mother's womb, (lhum zhugs). 3) Taking birth, (bltams pa). 4) Becoming skilled in worldly arts and demonstrating physical prowess, (bzo dang). 5) Enjoying a retinue of queens, (rol rtse). 6) Renouncing the world, (nges 'byung). 7) Practicing austerities and renouncing them, (dka' spyad drug). 8) Going to the essence of awakening (Going towards the Bodhi Tree), (gshegs), 9) Defeating Mara, (bdud sde bcom). 10) Attaining total enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, (byang chub). 11) Turning the Wheel of the Dharma, (chos 'khor). 12) Departing for the ultimate peace of parinirvana, (myang 'das) [RY]