mi lus rin po che

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your precious human existence; mi lus rin po che chud zos du ma btang don't waste your precious human existence! [RY]

precious human body. Comprised of the eight freedoms and ten riches. The freedoms are to avoid rebirth in the eight unfree states: three lower realms, a long-living god, having wrong views, a savage, a mute, or born in an age without buddhas. The riches are five from oneself and ten from others. The five riches from oneself are: to be a human, centrally born, with intact sense powers, having unperverted livelihood and faith in the right place. The five riches from others are: a buddha appeared and he taught the Dharma, the teachings remain and have followers and (teachers) who compassionately benefit others [RY]

precious human body/ (life) [IW]

precious human body / [life] [RY]