mthong ba'i chos la 'phags lam skye ba'i gegs sgrib pa gsum

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Three veils hinder the arising of the noble path within this present lifetime; Mipham Rinpoche: [[ngan song gsum lha min sgra mi snyan du skyes pa lta bu rten gyi dbang gis lam mi skye ba rnam smin gyi sgrib pa, mtshams med lnga dang chos spong sogs byas pas bden pa mthong mi nus pa las kyi sgrib pa, nyon mongs shin tu drag po rgyun chags pas lam la 'jug mi nus pa nyon mongs pa'i sgrib pa'o]] Three veils hinder the arising of the noble path [within one's stream-of-being] within this present lifetime: i) The 'veil of karmic ripening' is the path [failing] to arise due to the influence of one's bodily support as, for instance, when reborn in the three lower realms, as a demigod, [a perceptionless god], or on the continent of Unpleasant Sound. ii) The 'veil of karma' is the inability to perceive the truths because of having committed such things as the five acts with immediate result or having abandoned the Dharma. iii) The 'veil of disturbing emotions' is the inability to enter the path because of ongoing and very strong disturbing emotions. [RY]