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inner/ inward(ly)/ internal(ly) [RB]

1) within, in[side], inner, in the midst of, among interior, internal; 2) house, home, place 1 stays; 3) supplementary explanation 'phros don? entering into the mind; 4) supplementary explanation 'phros don secret meaning in; 5) morning [IW]

1) in, within, inside, inner, in the midst of, among, interior, internal, inner aspect; inward(ly), internally. 2) among 3) home, house, abode, [someone's] place, 4) morning [RY]

inside, inner, interior, middle, in the midst of, among, internal, subjective world, esoteric home, in, space within a thing, indoors, house, esoteric, morning or day, 1 of dus bzhi, inside, home, home, inner aspect [JV]