ngan lam rgyal ba mchog dbyangs

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one of Padmasambhava's 25 disciples [RY]

[[ngan lam rgyal ba mchog dbyangs [one of the first 7 monks in Tibet [later incarnated as hh karmapa] [IW]

one of the first seven monks in Tibet. [Late incarnated as H.H. Karmapa] [RY]

[[ngan lam rgyal ba mchog dbyangs [IW]

Gyalwa Cho-Yang of Nganlam. A close disciple of Guru Rinpoche who attained accomplishment through the practice of Hayagriva and was later incarnated as the Karmapas. Born into the Nganlam clan in the Phen Valley, he took ordination from Shantarakshita in the first group of seven Tibetan monks. It is said that he kept his vows with utmost purity. Having received the transmission of Hayagriva from Padmasambhava, he practiced in solitude and reached the level of a vidyadhara. Gyalwa Cho-yang means 'Sublime voice of victory.' [RY]

Gyalwa Cho-yang of Nganlam [RY]